1. Explain, in detail, the entire process of a case

1. Explain, in detail, the entire process of a case in the American Court System.

2. Define Use of Force. Explain the degree of force that is permitted and, in detail, when it can be used.

3. Define Corporal Punishment. Explain what can and cannot be done and when it can and cannot be used.

4. For sentenced (convicted) inmates, explain visitation rights to include attorneys, conjugal visits and news media.

5. Explain the differences between sentenced and pretrial detainees when it comes to visitation to include attorneys, news media and searches.

6. Explain the rights and restrictions on inmate mail to include books, magazines and packages.

7. Detail the communications allowed with courts, attorneys, non judicial public officials, inmates in other institutions and news media by inmates.

8. Explain the application of the 8th Amendment when it comes to Isolated Confinement and the conditions that are subject to review.

9. Explain the 11 specific areas of Constitutional Concern as described in the textbook.

10. Explain what a “jailhouse” lawyer is and when they can be used. Explain what a reasonable alternative is. Describe what access to legal materials an inmate and the “jailhouse” lawyer have.

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