Americanah Anthropological review.

 Final ethnographic paper, 1750 words (approximately 7pages, double-spaced). Building on the first assignment and the feedback received, this final paper should offer a thorough linguistic anthropological analysis of the book. As a linguistic anthropologist, which phenomena or processes do you identify in the stories being told? How has this course and the concepts it provided you with allowed you to read this book differently? A minimum of four concepts ought to be included in the discussion. Different from the first paper, this second paper ought to make connections between events, processes or phenomena observed in the book and things you have observed in your own life, your own community, or society at large. In other words, it ought to include an ethnographic reflection and discuss specific ways in which these core concepts gave you a new/different perspective on these events or experiences. This can take the format of creative writing (in non-fiction format) or an ethnography-like analysis.

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