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 For this assignment, you only need to include the written content on the company through Chapter 4. Your primary objective in the case analysis assignments is to identify and evaluate the best practices that the three selected companies developed and implemented in the cases contained in the textbook. Requirements for each case analysis include:  Specifically address the case questions asked in the textbook. In addition, specifically identify the best practices for each of these three companies up to the identified point in the textbook.  In addition to answering the case questions in the textbook, you must address:  Why or why not the specific best practice was effective.  Did it work?  Why or why not?  Identify and document the feedback loop used to determine the success of the best practice. If one was not present, create a feedback loop that would work in providing effective and efficient feedback.  Discuss whether or not each best practice would work in other departments, organizations, or industries. If it would work in other domains, explain how and why. If not, explain why it would not work. PRM 522 Case Analysis Guidelines and Requirements Formatting Guidelines 1) Include a cover page: Project Description, Name, Date, Class Name, and Professor’s Name. 2) Table of Contents: Outline of portfolio’s contents. 3) An abstract is not required for this short paper. 4) Written content must contain a minimum of 1,000 words (Not counting references and title page) 5) References—must contain at least five scholarly sources with one in-text citation for each source 6) Must be written in essay format (not Q & A formatting) 7) APA formatting required: a) Use a 12-point font (e.g., Ariel, Courier, or Times New Roman). b) Use double-line spacing in your document. c) Standard indented paragraphs. d) One-inch margins all around document. 8) Headings are required to break up the document into logical sections: a) Introduction or Background. b) Analysis or Current Issues. c) Conclusions or Recommendations. d) Reference section. e) You may choose your own heading names specific to your work, and the aforementioned headings are listed as examples.

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