Bibliography Assignment · Instructions: Create a working bibliography (also sometimes

Bibliography Assignment

· Instructions: Create a working bibliography (also sometimes called Works Cited or References page) of at least six (6) sources in one of the approved formats in Chicago/Turabian style.

Your bibliography must include the following source types:

·  Two primary sources

· One scholarly journal article – this must be a peer-reviewed journal article, not a book review or a student published article

· One secondary source – may not be the Yawp

· One additional source of your choosing – may not be a source from the eText or a tertiary source (tertiary sources are reference materials, like encyclopedias, dictionaries, and textbooks)

Your annotation must include the following information

· A summary of the content of the source or the content of the online exhibit

· A summary of the author’s thesis and conclusions or the purpose of the online exhibit

· A description of the evidence that the author used to support the thesis or a description of the images in the online exhibit

· A statement about how and why the source will be helpful for your own research

Assignment Format:


Primary   Source #1






Primary   Source #2






Scholarly   Journal #1






Secondary   Source 1






An   Additional Source





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