Contract formation: Was a valid contract formed between the buyer and

You will complete 2 written assignments on this case study. The papers will be graded using the rubrics posted under “Syllabus”. Annotated Bibliography The annotated bibliography should follow APA format and include 4 scholarly sources from UMUC’s Library which are relevant to the paper on the case study (websites and textbooks will not meet the requirements). The bibliography should contain a 1- 2 paragraph summary of each source and discuss how the research is relevant to the case study. All summaries must be written in the student’s own words. Case Study Analysis Paper Complete a minimum 7- page, maximum 8-page (title page, reference pages and appendices do not count toward the page requirements) research paper in APA format. (Note: An abstract is not required and should not be included.) The paper must be a comprehensive analysis and discussion of the assigned case study. The paper must list and discuss a minimum of 5 relevant scholarly references from UMUC’s online library databases (websites and textbooks will not count toward this requirement). At least two (2) references must be scholarly journal articles on the topic from the UMUC Library.

Conduct research on the relevant legal and Acquisition and Supply Chain Management (ASCM) issues, and analyze the case. Discussion should include analysis of applicable laws, as discussed in the course. 5 The paper must include discussion of, and citation to, relevant Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2 sections. Be sure to clearly state all assumptions.

The paper must address the following issues:

1. Contract formation: Was a valid contract formed between the buyer and the seller? Outline the elements of a contract (offer, acceptance, etc.) and apply the facts of the case, including a detailed analysis of each element.

2. Risk of loss: Which party should bear the risk of loss of the wine?

3. Tort Liability: Who should pay for the injured employee’s injuries? What legal theory should be the basis for his lawsuit?

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