Culture and aging

Research & Interview Paper (no more than 9 pages – not including title or reference page): You will select a research study cited anywhere in the body of the text book. You will review the study and provide a critique. Then you will interview an older adult (minimum age 65) with whom you can review this topic and the perspectives outlined in the book. Ask the Older Adult to express his/her own perspective and provide a summary of this. Conclude with an evaluation of anything the author in the textbook articles wrote in with the views of your interviewee injected into the mix to either reinforce one of the perspectives or add an alternate perspective. This paper will adhere to the following structure: I. What is the study about and how was it used in the textbook 15 points a. Provide the details of the study: i. Focus of the study. ii. Population of the study. iii. Findings/results of the study. iv. What other research has been done on this topic and does it support or contradict the findings of the study under review? II. Evaluate the methods of the researcher(s) 5 points a. Did they have a good design? b. What could have been better? III. The interview: 20 points a. Who is the subject (brief history) b. Discussion results re: person’s point of view on the topic (e.g., tell the person what the research says and then get his/her reaction and point of view) c. What was it like to engage someone and tell the person about research re: his/her life and age and get a reaction (did it change your point of view)? IV. Writing style (including adherence to format directions and depth of coverage). Include APA style references for the body of the paper and for the reference page. 10 points

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