History of MS-13 gang

 Conduct a case study of one particular gang chosen from a pre-approved list. The gang profile must include: Introduction Gang History Current Gang structure/organization, current membership statistics, scope of the geographic territories of the gang (where are they located), how the gang uses violence and crime to further its purpose (in doing this, students should provide real life examples from current events), Conclusion.

The paper must adhere to the following guidelines: APA formatting and citation style (Note: you do not need to include an abstract) Separate title page including student name, course and section, and paper title Microsoft Word Document 1’Inch (72 points) Margins all around The overall indentation should be set left and right at a 0 pt, while the first line of the paragraph at 18 points, tabs should also be set at 18 points (however, in cases of using extended large direct quotes the tab should be at 36 points) Do not justify the paper since that causes spacing issues. Always align the paper to the left Times New Roman font 12-Point font Double-spaced (Sometimes word documents are automatically defaulted to have extra spacing. In order to make sure this is not  the case, click on Page layout, and in the spacing section make sure that the before and after are set to 0 point) Include page numbers.

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