In my prior profession, I was in banking. I worked

In my prior profession, I was in banking. I worked in Commercial Lending and we used Excel for a lot of different things including customer lists, financial planning, budgeting, etc. I worked with one guy who was a total whiz at Excel and he used to formulate so many different documents for us. 

The information from the cheat sheet is very helpful. I think the decipher error values in Excel 2016 formulas would’ve been really helpful to me in the past. I always received “error values” when using an Excel worksheet that was already programmed by someone at my job. “You can tell right away that an Excel 2016 formula has gone haywire because instead of a nice calculated value, you get a strange, incomprehensible message. This weirdness, in the parlance of Excel 2016 spreadsheets, is an error value. Its purpose is to let you know that some element — either in the formula itself or in a cell referred to by the formula — is preventing Excel from returning the anticipated calculated value” (Excel 2016 For Dummies Cheat Sheet, n.d.). The top features section was good information to know as well. It’s been a few years since I’ve used Excel and this information is good to have. I’ll definitely be saving this cheat sheet and sharing it with my husband as he used Excel daily in his line of work. 


Excel 2016 For Dummies Cheat Sheet. (n.d.). Retrieved April 17, 2019, from

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