Informative speech with the topic of “Facebook effect on society”

 Informative Speech Description Purpose This speech is aimed at getting the audience to understand some basically factual material that they either have not understood previously or have understood incompletely. The information presented in this speech should be new and useful to your audience. Trivial or obvious topics will receive a lower grade than significant ones. Audience analysis is important. If you speak on a topic about which your audience is already very knowledgeable, you will have little new information to provide them. On the other hand, if you pick a topic about which they have no knowledge, you must carefully adapt your explanation to their existing knowledge. Your outline requirements can be found in the course packet. OUTLINE DRAFT.docxPreview the document POI Outline – Citlali – Michael Malloy Speech Example.docxPreview the document Five sources will be required to receive full credit. You should avoid controversial topics in this speech, since what you may intend as informative speaking may be perceived as an attempt to persuade. Nevertheless, there is an element of persuasion involved in any informative presentation, as you must convince the audience of the importance of the information to their lives. Your speech may involve describing, demonstrating, instructing, and/or explaining Use an extemporaneous delivery and appropriate attire. Your credibility is established, at least in part, by your physical appearance. Speeches must be 5-6 minutes in length. Speeches that are under the time limit will be penalized. Be prepared to answer a few questions from the audience about your speech. There are no visual aids allowed for this speech

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