Market Entry for Whisky into Latvia

This coursework contains two parts (part 1 – 1000 words, part 2 – 3000 words) you need to write in two different microsoft word documents for each part. This research about whole product itself, no advertising and brand mention! The attached documents from tutor, she explained there all requirements for work, it also has there list of DO’s and DON’TS.

• Overview of assignment : You are employed by a marketing agency who has recently been asked by a Scottish distiller to advise them on the launch of a whisky to Latvia.

• You are required to prepare a presentation, but not actually deliver it, by creating a total of 15 slides with explanatory notes (maximum 3000 words) covering the following areas of concern: Part 1 (30%) 1000 words If the company was to enter Latvia should the company change its product strategy ?

Part 2 (70%) 2000 words Advise whether entering Latvia is an appropriate strategy (50%) AND EITHER If you consider that this is an appropriate strategy, then recommend an entry method to the company (20%). OR If you consider that this is not an appropriate strategy, recommend, on the basis of some preliminary research, an alternative country in Europe for the company to enter (20%) It is up to you how you allocate the 15 slides across parts 1 and 2. 

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