One Specific Psychometric Test, which is used in Personality Disorder(

Guidance for Assignment 2 in ARM (2018-2019): Research Methods Portfolio This document will provide you with assignment guidance for “Research Methods Portfolio”. Foreword For this assignment, you will need to prepare one article to be published on the Psychologist, a forum for communication and discussion among members of the British Psychological Society. A forum paper is a paper presenting new ideas, a reaction to published materials, your view on applications of a particular method/technique, etc. The primary purpose of a forum paper is to stimulate debate and discussion regarding the topic. The standards for a forum paper There are no strict requirements for writing to a forum. However, The Psychologist is a scientific forum dedicated to communications and networking for specialists in different areas of Psychology. Therefore, your article should meet some standards to make the communication efficient. Table 1 outlines these standards and suggestions of how you can meet them. Table 1. The standards for a forum paper

1.The topic should be sufficiently important for psychological community and free from flaws Your topic should address an important issue/question in your research area and be wide enough to engage psychologists employing similar research methods/techniques. Examples of topics for your article are listed in Table 2. You do not have to choose from these examples and can select a topic of your interest. Table 3 (step called “Choose a topic for your article” will help you to decide on a topic)

2.The message you wish to deliver to the audience should be clear and well formulated Your article should be well-founded in the literature (i.e., well supported by published studies). Therefore, your arguments and statements should be well referenced. Due to a limited amount of words, each of your sentences should be clear, relevant, concise and meaningful (see also Table 3). 3.It should be reflective and engaging Clear state your opinion/view on the topic of your article: how useful the research method/technique to advance our understanding of the topic/issue/research question? Can you make suggestions or recommendations for further investigators using this method/technique? What is the main limitation of the method/technique that you would like to draw the attention of the researchers? Is there an issue that was not carefully addressed in previous studies?

4. Word Limit: Your article should not exceed 1250 words limit. Please, note that Title and References are not included in word count. -Examples of topics for your articles Please, note that there is no restriction on the area of your research interest for this assignment. This means that you can select or choose a topic in any areas of psychology. For example, if you are studying Foundations in Clinical Psychology, you can write your articles in relation to forensic psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, etc. However, for each article you must select one of the following research methods/techniques:EEG; – MRI (or fMRI, or DTI); – EEG; – TMS; – Eye-tracking; – Mixed-design methods; – Randomised controlled trials; – Psychometrics. So, your Research Portfolio should comprise two articles considering different research methods/techniques. Table 2 contains examples of topics for your articles. These examples are indicative and can provide you with ideas for your portfolio articles (See also Table 3, Step called “Choose a topic for your article” for further guidance). -Table 2 -Topic Examining cognitive processes in children process using EEG. Applications of fMRI to study the effects of hypnosis on cortical activity in the brain. Transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with movement disorders. Studying psychological processes in older people using EEG. EEG approach to study susceptibility to hypnosis.

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