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According to, (2017), social determinants of health are situations which involve social connection such as religious places, mosques, temples, work places, learning institutions, places of play, people are born, and age. All these social determinants contribute to the development of illnesses. Health begins with our immediate contact social/physical environment; churches, schools, communities, hospitals, and at home. The quality, safety, and cleanliness of these places contribute to our being healthy alongside staying active, and eating healthy. Patients who have respiratory illnesses may say they worked in environment where there was air pollution/contamination which they were exposed for a long time, if quality of food that people are ingesting is not healthy, then development of heart diseases, or diabetes is inevitable. A community that is exposed to crime, violence, and insecurity creates social disorder, if the quality of education, and training is poor, then the community members are not able to secure well-paying jobs, resulting in poor housing, for example people that live in shelters due to not being able to secure a well- paying job, own, or rent a house, would be at risk to being exposed to various illnesses that other people have.

The communicable disease chain is described by Center of Disease Prevention, and Control, (2017), as a chain of infection which includes; host called reservoir (infected agent), port of exit (through which the pathogen leaves the infected host), mode of transmission (direct or indirect), and port of entry (is how pathogen enters the susceptible host). So steps that a nurse can take to break a link within the communicable disease chain as documented by Health Department, (2011), on antibiotic resistance task force assignment on how to break the chain of infection in your outpatient clinic include; hand-washing, keeping nails short, using gloves for one patient only, wearing personal protective equipment as necessary, and disinfecting contact areas thoroughly.

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The social determinants of health, as described by (2017), encompass various social connections such as religious institutions, workplaces, educational institutions, and communities. These determinants significantly influence the development of illnesses and overall health. The quality, safety, and cleanliness of these environments directly impact individual well-being, alongside the adoption of healthy lifestyles. For instance, exposure to air pollution in workplaces may lead to respiratory illnesses, while unhealthy food choices contribute to the development of heart diseases or diabetes. Moreover, a community plagued by crime and insecurity, coupled with poor education and job opportunities, increases the risk of various illnesses among its members.

The communicable disease chain, as defined by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (2017), consists of a series of steps including the infected agent (host reservoir), the mode of transmission (direct or indirect), the port of exit (where the pathogen leaves the host), and the port of entry (how the pathogen enters the susceptible host). Breaking the links in this chain is crucial in preventing the spread of communicable diseases. Nurses can undertake several steps, as highlighted in the Health Department’s (2011) antibiotic resistance task force assignment, to break these links in an outpatient clinic. These include proper hand hygiene, maintaining short nails, using gloves for individual patients, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and thoroughly disinfecting contact areas.

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