Project 1 Case – Global Bike-Journal Entries in an ERD

 Record the daily transactions if appropriate, (some events may not involve journal entries), as general journal entries into Excel. Summarize the effects of the journal entries in a Pivot Table summary. Link the Pivot Table into your Excel worksheet as a trial balance. You should create links between your spreadsheets to expedite this process and minimize the risk of an error in data entry. Looking over the answer to the sample problem may be helpful in reviewing your Excel skills. 2. The next step is to record the adjusting entries into the general journal and then summarize them into a Pivot Table and then the trial balance. 3. Record closing entries in your trial balance as if this were a year-end close. (Do not enter the closing entries in your General Journal). 4. Get the total balance for expenses and current assets separately using formula below the columns for ending balance. Check your balances with the balances provided by the instructor.

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