Reflection Paper: Counseling Skills Practice Session

Your will complete this paper in Week 5, Week 7, and Week 10 of this course. The basic instructions for this assignment fits for all the papers – the skills you focus on will develop over the course. Reflection Paper: Counseling Skills Practice Session with the complete transcript attached. Post this assignment as ONE paper. Reflection paper the first 3-4 pages of the document, followed by the full transcript of the session.

Step One: View your recorded session and transcribe the complete session. Type the entire session (both counselor and client), word for word, including ums and ahs.

Step Two: Write a 3-4 page reflection paper on your first Counseling Skills Practice Session. Consider the following questions:  What do you recall happening during the session? How did you feel? What was happening cognitively and physically as you were the counselor?

 What did you learn about yourself when you viewed the recording and transcribed the session? Be thoughtful and specific.  What did you experience during the feedback session after the counseling skills practice session?  What skills did you perform well? Which skills require more practice?  How will this experience impact how you prepare for the next session?

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