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Research Problem:

Over the years there has been an increasingly high demand for speech language pathology services. Although this increase is embraced by the profession, the added caseload has created pressure to keep up with expectations placed upon the speech-language pathologists (SLP).According to ASHA’s 2016 Schools Survey, there is current evidence that caseload affects many factors within the roles of an SLP in the school setting, creating a difference in case management within this setting. Caseload requires the effective use of qualitative and quantitative elements of the services they provide (Kenny and Lincoln, 2012).Continuation in attached file….

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Introduction: The research problem highlighted here focuses on the increasing demand for speech language pathology services and its impact on speech-language pathologists (SLPs). As SLPs face the challenge of managing higher caseloads, it becomes essential to explore the effects of caseload on various aspects of their role, particularly in the school setting. The effective utilization of qualitative and quantitative elements in service provision becomes vital to address this issue (Kenny and Lincoln, 2012).


The research problem presented emphasizes the need to address the impact of caseload on speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in the school setting. With the growing demand for speech language pathology services, SLPs face increasing pressure to meet expectations and effectively manage caseloads. This research aims to examine the effects of caseload on various facets of an SLP’s role, particularly in the context of schools.

By analyzing ASHA’s 2016 Schools Survey, it becomes evident that caseload significantly influences the work of SLPs in schools. Caseload management requires both qualitative and quantitative elements to ensure effective service provision. It is crucial to investigate the specific areas within an SLP’s role that are affected by caseload, such as case management strategies, resource allocation, and overall service quality.

Understanding the impact of caseload on different aspects of an SLP’s work is essential for developing strategies to mitigate the challenges brought about by this demand. Through careful examination of the quantitative and qualitative elements involved in the services provided by SLPs, educators can design interventions that address the unique needs of SLPs in the school setting.

In conclusion, this research problem sheds light on the growing demand for speech-language pathology services and the resulting pressure on SLPs to manage caseload effectively. By exploring the impact of caseload on various facets of an SLP’s role, educators and practitioners can develop interventions and strategies to enhance the quality of services provided in the school setting.

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