Response to the three articles listed below, backup your responses


Response to the three articles listed below, backup your responses with 2022 article sources only and provide pdf for the article sources used. Do not use any of the article used by the articles already.

1. Various factors can improve an organization’s efficiency when individual aims and values are met through organizational support, including high job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The concept of job satisfaction is important from a managerial perspective, and it can be defined differently. Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction are determined by various factors that relate to the job and the attitude toward daily life. Yan et al (2022) illustrate how job satisfaction is influenced by various factors, such as wage, job, supervisors, and colleagues, as well as promotion opportunities. Moreover, many people do find that pay has a positive impact on overall happiness and job satisfaction, but the effect can be less pronounced once they have reached a standard level of comfort (Robbins & Judge, (2022). Job satisfaction is influenced by core self-evaluations in the context of career commitment (Robbins & Judge,2022). A person with a high level of core self-evaluation and career commitment may be particularly satisfied with their jobs. Core self-evaluation believers with positive core self-evaluations who believe that they are competent and worth believing in—are more satisfied with their jobs (Robbins & Judge,2022). Additionally, Robbins & Judge state that the interaction with coworkers outside the workplace, feedback, social support, and interdependency among coworkers all influence job satisfaction, even after adjusting for work-related characteristics. In their piece, Yan et al. (2022) also showed that the more proficient a worker is, the better their job satisfaction is and the more committed they are to their organization, which is likely to maximize their productivity. An individual who is professional is dedicated to his or her work, believes in his or her job, and has the freedom to make decisions in accordance with his or her professional knowledge (Yan et al, 2022)

2. People’s perceptions help define their viewpoints. Perception comes to people through their senses. Perception means “the act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.” From a different perspective, perception means organizing, understanding, receiving, and selecting information that can sometimes result in a disagreement. People that view things from their own perspective has the highest potential of things leading to a disagreement, because different viewpoints has a lot of different perspectives on how stuff should be accomplished. It is pretty much inevitable, within an organization, that the employees will not always be content and agree with their views of behavior, job tasks, working conditions, benefits, and pay rates. The aspects of perception have to do with how certain tasks and information is selected, understood, and organized. These are all the decision-making faculties and they drastically differ from one to another. With the current research beginning, it has begun to support the theory called “active perception”. Within this theory, a dynamic relationship exists between the perceptions of the senses, the surrounding environment, and the brain. Academics have really supported the theory called “passive perception”. The “passive perception” theory has a view of perception where a stimulus is in the environment that is processed by the brain after it is registered by the senses which results with an output response. Relationships and behaviors in the organizational setting are affected by a person’s perceptions and how individuals interact within a business. A manager may have a bigger concern for the company’s stakeholders and it can react a lot differently than a worker who does not have the same concern as the manager. For example, a financial manager may perceive that their job performance can be better in the perception of the board of directors if she can increase the company’s net profits, so then she will set that as one of her main goals to achieve within the business. The marketing manager may perceive that having customer satisfaction increased by added new features to the merchandise and it will determine that adding these new features is one of her main goals to achieve. Both of these perceptions will highly affect how both of the managers will do their job with each other and their other employees, which will affect the organizational behavior. A manager that perceives their employees to be able to work together as a team and make reasonable decisions and assessments will bring a flat organizational structure that will allow all of the employees to work independently with team authority. A type of positive effect with this kind of perceptive management means that decision making is made which is based on the perceived qualities from the employees being managed. This type of decision making can slow down an uncomplicated, efficient working process. For example, the financial manager may be able to help out a senior manager with some advice that is accepted and received based on the senior manager’s perceived confidence that he/she has in the financial manager. A human resource’s manager may utilize a decision to cut out an employee from a certain group of other prospective workers if that employee has a history of conviction or being arrested. The result that is positive in this situation would be the group of prospective workers would be culled of workers who can more than likely prove themselves as a liability to the company.

3. According to Robbins et al, job satisfaction can be defined as a positive outlook about a position resulting in an evaluation of its characteristics (p. 40, 2022). Job satisfaction to me is important currently because of the Great reshuffle caused by COVID. Also, job satisfaction is important for me and my fellow classmates because after we finish our MBA, we will be in our career field.  As managers, we should make sure our employees are satisfied so we can create job involvement. Robbins et al explains that job involvement is how people psychologically identify with their jobs and consider their self-worth (p. 40, 2022).  Job satisfaction can also be changed and altered over time. We see this all the time with career paths after college. Job satisfaction is influenced by one’s attitude and emotions, which we learned about in Chapter 4 of Essentials of organizational behavior. According to Pimentel et al, job satisfaction should not be referred to as something permanent, since a person may be satisfied at one moment and then not in another moment (2022). Managers can have the opportunity to improve job satisfaction by using leadership skills to motivate and interact with employees. From this to happen I believe management personnel must be relatable to the staff and willing to listen to what can be improved. 

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