The Company I Choose to talk about is :Target Your

The Company I Choose to talk about is :Target

Your case should include: 

Topic: Your topic should represent a unique situation or a difficult decision and be complex enough to build a case and generate a lively discussion.

Introduction: An opening statement, paragraph, or quote that peaks the reader’s interest.

Background: Describe for example, the history, performance, qualification, the industry, competition, organizational culture, leadership, corporate strategy, management, policies, benefits, communication, technology, ethics, legal environment, economic environment, social environment (select the relevant areas for discussion).

Problem Statement: Describe the situation and the context of the problem.

The Body: In this section of the case provide the reader with sufficient information to develop and analyze alternative courses of action or theories. For example, discuss different perspectives, implications, pros and cons, dilemma, and challenges. Points of Law – Integrate into the case any legal considerations that apply to the topic. Best Practices – Briefly describe examples that demonstrate managing diversity in this area. Discussion questions: Write 3 to 4 questions that will generate a discussion. Conclusion: A closing statement, paragraph, or question that relates to the introduction.


– No cover page

– 3-4 pages

– 3 references

– APA format


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