The impact of corporate governance on the performance of Uk supermarkets


This is the criteria: Type SummativeWeighting 100% Length 4000 wordsTask Description (i) Definition of the topic through a summary of the general focus / motivation of dissertation that should demonstrate a coherent accounting or finance based approach to the chosen topic. The research question(s) to be investigated should also be clearly explained in this section. (ii) The development of a theoretical framework literature review which should outline the key aspects of the relevant accounting or finance theory and be fully referenced in relation to origination and application of the theory. (iii) Empirical / Contextual literature review to support the specific methodology or approach to be taken to answer your research question(s).

These should be discussed in terms of a critical summary / discussion of previous literature. NB only use academically credible studies e.g. refereed journal articles, books, working papers, government/NGO reports etc. (iv) Explain the method and data to be used, which should address discuss issues such as: what methods are appropriate to answering your research question(s)? What data / variables will you use? Where is it from? How will you analyse it? (v) Present and interpret the key results and discussion (vi) Represent a summary and conclusion Assessment Criteria Honours Degree Grading Criteria – FQHE Level 6 

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