The United States spends far too much political energy on forcing a few states not to proliferate nuclear weapons

Topic: Nuclear proliferation is not a big deal. The United States spends far too much political energy on forcing a few states not to proliferate nuclear weapons, far out of proportion to their threat to our national security. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

(Will attach an annotated bibliography done earlier in the semester for reference) Papers should be about 1000 words or 5 double spaced pages, not including citations. They can be slightly more or slightly less, as long as they do the job. 15 REFERENCES/CITATIONS MINIMUM ARE REQUIRED (must be from esteemed International Relations publishers/academic journals, professor is strict on quality of references). You will be graded on the following aspects of your paper: 1) Presenting your case persuasively through reference to the academic scholarship you have reviewed. The items on your annotated bibliography will not necessarily be enough. These should be based as much as possible on facts rather than mere opinion. For instance it is not enough to just assert that free trade is bad for American workers or that Kim Jong-Un is crazy and cannot be trusted. We need some citations to back that up and those citations must be academic in nature, not themselves just unsubstantiated assertions. 2) Consideration of alternative viewpoints and explanation of why you feel them lacking. These can be alternative points of view that you have read or those you might logically imagine given the pieces you have read or your own brainstorming. 3) Organization and grammatical writing.

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