Toxic masculinity in sports and the double standard for women’s in sports.

Times New Roman, double- paced, excluding the bibliography page) that follows the following guidelines: THe essay is about toxic masculinity in sports and how there is a double standard for when women’s standard for women who display “masculine” manarisms while in their sport. For example : Serena Williams smashing a racket as an expression of frustration but other make tennis players have done to he said men the same with lesser with less repercussion. Becky Hammond, first female NBA assistant ckavh is looked at as being “crazy” , or “over the top “ , if she yells and screens in the sidelines. But it’s is not a big deal when not a big deal when male coavhes do it . IT is glorified … 1. Identify a contemporary aspect of global media: stereotypes, USing examples of media differentiation -talk about convergence or hybridity that is involved in toxic masculinity in sports in comparison to women in sports . Remember that you want to both learn from and enjoy this paper! -use articles -and describe what happened in videoed (for example Serena Williams fined for smashing racket … yet other male tennis players have done work have dkne worse and not penalized as harsh) (another example is the toxic masculinity between mma fighter Mcgregor cs. Boxing champ. Mayweather…) 2. Examine and explore this aspect of global media through at least 2 concepts from the book : Jack Lule (2018). Globalization & Media: Global village of Babel. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield 3rd edition Some of the concepts: hegemony and ideology especially related to media representations of race, class, and gender, hybridity, convergence. This is not an exhaustive list .. just choose which fits be fits best with sports example sports examples 3. present at least 1 main argument about the aspect of global media that you have chosen to examine. For example, you may argue that a certain media text such as a film challenges media stereotypes (through thinking about debates about hegemony), a particular piece of art and/or music is hybrid or seems to be hybrid but is actually convergent, media coverage of an issue manufactures consent in particular ways etc. 4. Theory and examples should be well integrated – remember that your argument has to be based on a thorough examination of the concepts and your media example. If you are writing about a film, you can refer to certain scenes as examples, if you are writing about a media controversy; you can present the controversy as it played out in social media and/or news media. If you are examining media representations of political figures, then give examples of these. 5. Provide in-text citations and attach a bibliography – MLA, Style. Even if your only references are the textbook and Lule, it is still important to do this step.

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