WebQuest: The students will conduct a WebQuest, which is an

WebQuest:  The students will conduct a WebQuest, which is an inquiry-based, on-line learning activity. By providing links necessary to complete the quest, the students are able to focus on the material rather than spending time looking for it.  Each student will be responsible for completing the assignment individually with 10 various search engines and brief summaries  (1-2 paragraphs) to accompany each one.  Make sure to include descriptive info about each site, such as the rationale for it, publication date, etc.  It should  also include strengths and weaknesses of each of the 10 websites.  Each website should be a learning website and make sure you specify the intended grade level and subject area.  You will also need to include how you will implement this website into your Language Arts lesson.  Make sure you paraphrase instead of just copying and pasting because I have enabled Vericite, which is a Canvas tool used to detect plagiarism.  The tool will scan your document and determine if any info has been copied and pasted and if so, it will produce a report with the copied material highlighted and the percentage of material copied.  If that percentage is over 20% I will deduct a lot of points, anything over 30% will receive a “0”.  The key is to paraphrase! 

P.S.  I will read over the report before I deduct points because in some cases you might have to type some info as printed, such as the title, publication date, author, etc.  I will take this into consideration and grade accordingly.

I have attached an example of the format and info you should include with each one of your 10 websites below but YOU CANNOT USE THE WEBSITE PROVIDED IN THE EXAMPLE BELOW, IF YOU DO, YOU WILL GET 10 POINTS DEDUCTED:  

(Each website is worth 10 pts; See point allocation below)

  1. Learning website: https://web.seesaw.meLinks to an external site. (1pt)

Grade Level: 3rd-5th (1pt)

Subject Area: Any subjects. (1pt)

Founder: Carl Sjogreen, Charles Lin, Adrian Graham (1pt)

Publication Date: 2013 (1pt)

Brief Summary:

Seesaw is an app for parents, children, and teachers where each student is given their own personal journal to record and keep class documents of students. These personal journals help students to see the results and progress of their work just as a portfolio would. When students are able to view their work and its results, it motivates them to want to learn more. If students were given an assignment to take notes or draw notes from a class lecture, Seesaw would be the perfect app because it allows students to use their creativity to document classroom activity. (1pt)


I would use this app to help students monitor and keep a record of all their work and accomplishments. For example, if I had a second-grade art class, each student would be able to review all art activities completed in the class and show parents. The smiles and from both parents and students would just make my day while also seeing the students eager and motivated to learn more.  (1pt)


Seesaw is an important tool to use within the classroom because it allows freedom, individualism, and encourages creativity for students to share what they have learned through technology. (1pt)


  • Students are eager to use the seesaw app because it encourages creativity, drawing, videos, and allows students’ voices to be heard through their artwork masterpieces.
  • Parents are able to view their child’s work and see student progress.
  • This learning tool also makes it easy for teachers to monitor each student’s progress and also saves time for the teacher. (1pt)


  • It can be time-consuming setting each student an account especially if teachers have multiple classes. (1pt)

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