What is the overall impact in Muslim communities who have been exposed

 Research in the field of addiction studies has important implications for individuals, groups, organizations, the government, and society at large.Develop and hone your empirical question/issue, search the literature, read and analyze the literature, and form conclusions regarding your research question/issue based on the scientific articles. Number of references: Your paper should include a minimum of 8 references. References should be current (published within the last seven years). Appropriate sources include: (a) research articles from scientific journals (not popular articles such as Psychology Today or Omni) (b) books (but not encyclopedias or textbooks). Use sources that have strong scientific support. Cite your sources in-text and reference on the References page. Format: Your paper should follow current APA formatting conventions with New Times Roman, 12 font. Refer to the APA publication manual. In addition, there are several credible websites. One such website is the APA Guide portion of the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/. Guidelines: Introduction 1. Description of Issue: The purpose, problem, or question to be considered is stated. Describe the issue. 2. Explain why it is an issue. 3. Interest: Convince the reader that the paper is worth reading in an interesting manner. 4. Explain your position: What is your stance? Why is this your stance? 5. Expectation: Present a clearly focused main idea that addresses the topic as well as an insightful position on the topic. Body 1. Analysis: Demonstrate that an analysis of the literature has been used to support the statements made, and that assumptions are proven through research. 2. First Viewpoint: Present and discuss one side of the argument. 3. Opposing Viewpoint (optional): Present and discuss an opposing argument. 4. Expectation: Develop your position(s) with compelling reasons and/or persuasive research studies. 5. Integration: If sources contradict one another, were the conflicts adequately resolved? Multiple sources are compared if a simple listing of information is not sufficient. 6. The points are internally consistent, (i.e. one point follows from another), plausible and well discussed. 7. Suitability of focus: The problem chosen is focused enough to be adequately covered in the space of the paper, but not too broadly. 8. Research/Argument: Identify and discuss the evidence behind the main idea/issue. 9. Addiction Language: Demonstrate a command of addiction language and express ideas fluently and precisely using effective addiction vocabulary and sentence variety. 10. Expectation: Present thorough research and use the research to create a strong case for a primary and alternative hypothesis. Conclusion 1. Summarize your findings adequately, and draw appropriate conclusions. 2. Discuss the applications of the addiction treatment and prognosis. 3. References are recent, high quality, and appropriate to the paper topic (research articles and edited books). Form 1. Correct grammar and correct use of words (not awkward or inappropriate). 2. Paragraph form: Topic sentences are used to introduce transitions, and the order of transitions are succinct and aligned. 3. Borrowed ideas and statements are given credit (citations used frequently and listed in reference section). 4. The paper is written using current APA formatting.

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